Releasing Potential Institute Policy for Appeals Against in Internally Assessed Mark

Releasing Potential Institute Policy on Appeals Against Internally Assessed Marks

(Controlled units/coursework)


1.0 Releasing Potential is committed to ensuring that whenever its staff mark candidates’ controlled assessments/coursework, it is done fairly, consistently and in accordance with the awarding body’s specification.


1.1 Candidates’ work will be marked by staff with appropriate knowledge, understanding and skill, who have been trained in this activity.

1.2 Releasing Potential is committed to ensuring that work produced by candidates is authenticated in line with the requirements of the awarding body.

1.3 Where more than one staff member is involved in marking candidates’ work, moderation and standardization will ensure consistency in marking.

If a candidate believes this may not have happened in relation to her/his work, s/he may make use of this appeals procedure.

NB: An appeal may only be made against the marking process, and not about the mark submitted to the awarding body.


  • Submitting an appeal


2.1 Appeals should be made as early as possible, and not later than 2 weeks before the External Verifier is due to attend the centre. Appeals must be made in writing to the CEO.

2.2 The CEO will appoint a senior staff member to investigate the appeal. The senior member of staff will not have had any involvement in assessing the course.

2.3 The purpose of the appeal will be to determine whether the process used for internal assessment conforms to the awarding body’s specification.

2.4 The appellant will be informed in writing of the result of the appeal, including any relevant documentation from the awarding body and any changes made to internal procedures.

2.5 The outcome of the appeal will be made known to the CEO and will be logged as a complaint. A written record will be kept and made available to the awarding body on request.

2.6 After candidates’ work is marked internally it is second marked by sample. The awarding body (NCFE) will moderate work during an annual External Verification visit to ensure consistency in marking.

2.7 The moderation process may lead to mark changes; this process is out of the control of Releasing Potential, and is not covered by this policy.


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