You have completed all four modules of The Management of Challenging Behaviour Level 2.

In order to receive your qualification from NCFE, you’ll need to ensure the following documents have been uploaded:

  • Unit 1: Reflective account of the physiological effects of stress in humans, including reflection on at least one incidence of the learner’s own use of stress management techniques and their effectiveness (c.800 words, or video submission of presentation of 1-3 minutes).
  • Unit 2: Online ‘quiz’ to test understanding of video 1 (‘The Teenage Brain’) and application to practice with young people.
  • Unit 2: Short reflective statement (c.300-500 words) on the subject of online video 2 (‘Dancing’).
  • Unit 3: Reflective statement (c.1500 words) or 5-6 minute video presentation to cover how Choice Theory may help the learner to understand why challenging behaviour happens; how the application of Choice Theory may affect their work with young people, and how effective (if at all) Choice Theory is/can be in their own professional practice.
  • Unit 4: Witness statement 1 (c.400-600 words) from professional practice to include description of observed practice. The witness should be a senior colleague and the statement should detail 1) the challenging behaviours that the child/young presented with and 2) the learner’s ability to assess the needs of young person using Choice Theory.
  • Unit 4: Reflective statement (c.800 words) describing two techniques for managing challenging behaviour that the learner has used in their work context, and explaining how they selected the appropriate skills to resolve the problems presented with reference to Choice Theory.

When all your documents are uploaded, your work will be moderated and you will be contacted within 14 days of completion by a course tutor. The course tutor will inform you of your result and arrange for you to receive your certificate of qualification from NCFE.

If your portfolio does not meet the threshold for the Level 2 qualification, a course tutor will contact you to arrange to view additional evidence.

Now that you have completed the Level 2 course, you may wish to enrol on the Level 3 in the Management of Challenging Behaviour, or the Level 4 in The Management of Challenging Behaviour in Sexually Exploited Young People. Those learners who have completed the Level 2 course will receive a discount to the value of their payment for the Level 2 course against the Level 3 or 4 course.

If you would like to enrol on the Level 3 or Level 4 courses, please contact course tutors directly for more information, including next course dates, via