Asessment and certification

You will complete a range of online ‘activities’ that will help you to reflect on your own understanding and experiences. These tasks will form part of your portfolio of evidence.

You will also submit ‘assignments’ for each unit. There are five assignments: a reflective statement relating to each of the four units, and one witness statement relating only to Unit 4. For the witness statement,  you will need to add or scan signed documents to the online portal.

If you are more comfortable with non-written work, NCFE are just as happy to see a range of evidence, including audio and/or video recordings, art work or other media. 


 A description of each of the assignments can be found below. Your assignments will be assessed alongside your online activities.


For your assignment in unit 1 you will need to complete and upload the following:

OUTCOMES 1.1, 1.2, 1.3

A reflective account of the physiological effects of stress in humans, including reflection on at least one incidence of your own use of stress management techniques and their effectiveness.

This should be either:

  • c.800 word statement
  • video submission of presentation of 1-5 minutes.

Unit 2 is assessed via an online quiz and a short reflective statement. You will need to complete and upload the reflective statement as the assignment for this unit.

(OUTCOMES 2.1, 2.2)

A short reflective statement (c.300-500 words) on the subject of the online video ‘Dancing’. The learner must observe the video and describe their understanding of the behaviours observed.


    Unit 3 is assessed via an online quiz and a reflective statement. You will need to complete and upload the reflective statement as the assignment for this unit.

    OUTCOMES 1.2, 2.1, 2.2

    A reflective statement (c.1500) words or 5-6 minute video presentation to cover how Choice Theory may help the learner to understand why challenging behaviour happens; how the application of Choice Theory may affect their work with young people, and how effective (if at all) Choice Theory is/can be in their own professional practice.


      Unit 4 is assessed via two assignments: a witness statement from someone (ideally a senior colleague) who has witnessed the learner’s professional practice, and a reflective statement written by the learner about thier own practice. You will need to upload the witness staement and complete and upload a treflective statement.

      OUTCOMES 1.1, 1.2

      Witness statement 1 (c.400-600 words) from professional practice to include description of observed practice. The witness should be a senior colleague and the statement should detail 1) the challenging behaviours that the child/young presented with and 2) the learner’s ability to assess the needs of young person using Choice Theory.

      OUTCOMES 2.2, 2.

      Reflective statement (c.800 words) written by the learner and describing two techniques for managing challenging behaviour that the learner has used in their work context. It must include explanation of how the learner selected the appropriate skills to resolve the problems presented with reference to Choice Theory.


      Your assessment materials will be marked once you have completed each unit and returned to you no longer than 10 days after submission with formative feedback; at this point they may be passed or you may be given some help to adjust them and resubmit.

      Your final portfolio of evidence will be marked and then sampled by a second marker and kept for external verification.

      Your certificate will be awarded following second marking and internal verification, and you will be contacted within 14 days of submission with your result. Your certificate will be sent via NCFE, the national awarding body that accredits this course.