Confidentiality definition Copy

A child or young person can share information with staff at their school, but, if staff feel that what the child or young person says indicates that they, or anyone else, is at risk of harm, staff will have to pass this immediately on to the Designated Safeguarding Lead or one of the deputies.

Though confidentiality is important – and information should be shared only with those who need to know it – concerns about safeguarding “trump” those of confidentiality. 

Staff should never promise to keep information secret and should report disclosure of information which could indicate a risk to the child or young person. 


Before reporting a concern consider:

Is this a safeguarding concern? Does it contribute to a picture about this child or young person’s potential risk of harm?

Who needs to know this information? Start by informing the Designated Safeguarding Lead at your organization.

Does this need to be shared with others? If there is a need (in order to keep the child or young person safe) then you may need to inform others but emphasise that the information is confidential.