Course layout & navigation

Your CPD course is a collection of online activities, quizzes and reading materials. At times, the course will link out to individual training Units powered by The Key. You will need to ensure and certificates of completion for these units are saved and sent to

You will take part in a series of activities, the results of which are stored digitally but are not formally reviewed.

Once you have accessed all the online materials and completed the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion.



Your course is made up of units containing activities that you will complete in order.

To move through the course you can click the ‘next topic’ arrow at the top right corner of your screen

To move back to previous activities, you can click the ‘previous topic’ arrow at the top left corner of the screen.

You can move through your units by using the navigation menu on the right hand side of your screen, or the unit list at the bottom of the course home page and each unit home page.

Units completed via The Key will link out to a new window externally – you can keep this training course open while you complete these or come back to this course at a later point.


If a course activity contains only reading/ viewing material, you will need to click the light blue ‘mark complete’ button at the bottom of the page to signal that you have read and understood the material.

Your course will not allow you to skip steps by moving ahead when you have not completed all activities. If you are unable to move forward with your course, please go back and check that you have marked all reading material ‘complete’ and you have completed all activities and saved your responses.


When completing your activities, you’ll submit your answers to reflective questions via a text box with a suggested word limit. Once you are happy with your response please press ‘SUBMIT’.

You are able to tell whether you have fully completed an element as a green tick will be enabled against the name of the activity (on the right hand menu) – see the image below.

When you have submitted, your response will be saved and sent digitally to us for review. This is so that we can see you have engaged with the course and will allow us to issue your certificate once you have completed.

You can review your own response after having submitted it by choosing to ‘VIEW QUESTIONS’ while you are on the same screen in the activity itself.

Once you have moved on to another activity, you will not be able to move backwards and view your submitted response. However, if you are unsure your response has submitted, or would like to review it – please contact us via and we can supply your original submission via email.

If you would like to submit an alternative response, please just re-visit the activity and start again / add more material.


Please note, there is no time limit for submitting activity responses or quiz responses. However, we would encourage you to try and submit responses to whole activities (rather than one question at a time) where possible.

Long delays between submitting responses on one activity could result in a loss of answers already submitted if your browser crashes or you close it to take a break.

We would advise that if you are tackling one question at a time over a longer period, you preserve your responses in another document and transfer them over once you are ready to complete all responses to an activity.

Alternatively, you can always check with us via email ( which responses we have received so far, and you can re-start the activity at any time supplying only those we have yet to receive.