Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022

Keeping Children Safe in Education (which is updated annually) is the framework for safeguarding which schools and other educational settings are required to work within.

Schools who do not work within this framework will fail their Ofsted or ISI inspection.

If in doubt about what your school’s policy or procedure should be, this is the document to refer to.

Delivery staff (teachers, mentors, support staff) are all obliged to read and understand at least Part 1 of Keeping Children Safe In Education annually, and managers need to read the entire document annually.

Download a copy of Keeping Children Safe in Education (2022-2023) by clicking the red image (above). Read the document and familiarise yourself with its contents, paying particular attention to the responsibility for safeguarding in your own role.

If you are a teacher, mentor or other support staff: you must read at least Part 1 of this document.

If you are a manager: you must read Part 1 and 2 of this document.