The Children Act (2004) sets out the duties of individuals and organisations to protect and safeguard children as well as the rights that all children have to be safe.

Though it is not a requirement for staff working with children to have read the entire document, it is useful for senior leaders to have an awareness of its contents in relation to their statutory duties.

If you would like to read The Act, you can dowload it by clicking the grey icon to the left.

Working Together to Safeguard Children (2018) is statutory guidance issued to those working with children and young people in a range of settings.

Extrapolated from The Children Act (2004) it sets out what must be done by a range of professionals (education, social care etc) including how agencies and organisations are expected to work together.

It is not a requirement for all staff to have read the contents of the document, but it can be a useful resource for managers.

Keeping Children Safe in Education is the main guidance document for use in schools and other education settings.

The document combines the legislation in The Act (2004) with new and emerging advice.

It is reviewed and updated every year and there is a reuqirement for all staff working with children and young people to re-read the document annually.

This training will focus largely on the contents of Keeping Children Safe 2022.